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Welcome to Walles Wellness. Wellness is an active process that assists individuals in defining, creating, and developing their best life through self care and self love. There are many paths that we walk down in the journey  toward a healthy and fulfilling life. I hope to assist encouraging, inspiring, and enhancing you making choices in achieving your best life. Mahalo for visiting!


Wellness Achieved,
Living Life, Enhancing Self

What does this means to us and how we can achieve it together?

Walles Wellness was created by Meghan Walles, LCSW who spent many years traveling, seeking educational opportunities, and gaining experience in what wellness means and understanding wellness matters. It is her life's mission to work with individuals seeking to achieve wellness as they individually define and learning how to enhance their journey to themselves. Through education, experience, and guidance, Meghan will work with your individual experiences, assist you in gaining insight into healthier ways of living, and support your in creating a more fulfilled sense of being.


Wellness Services We Provide

"a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential."
- The National Wellness Institute

Individual Therapy

Emotional Wellness

Are you feeling stuck, unsure, or disconnected from your life? Are you just needing a confidential space to process the complexities of day to day? Individual therapy is a space for self development. Life happens and this is a great space to work on stress reduction assuring self care. At Walles Wellness, we acknowledge and honor the strength and courage it takes for someone to talk about themselves. We honor your journey.

Trauma Focused Therapy

Environmental Wellness

Have you experienced any challenging situations in your life which still cause undesired feelings? You are not alone. At Walles Wellness, we operate from Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy orientation. Trauma is identified and worked through from surviving to thriving decreasing reactivity from those experiences in life. Your life deserves peace.

Successful Aging, Grief, Loss

Spiritual Wellness

Are you a Baby Boomer who is questioning how their parents aged and acknowledging it is not how you define successful aging? Are you a caregiver to a deteriorating aging family member? Have you lost a loved one and are feeling heavy, disconnected from life, or numb? We, at Walles Wellness, will assist in providing support and linkages to anything relating to aging and end of life. We support you in transition.


Social Wellness

Are you a member of this community and feeling isolated, lonely, misunderstood? Have you recently come out or are in contemplation? Are you wanting to transition to your authentic self? We, at Walles Wellness, are here to support you. WW is a WPATH member providing up to date support service for the trans-community. WW provides advocacy in support of LGBTQIA in the local community. WW also provides supports to families and people with LGBTQIA persons in their life. We provide service assuring safety.

Families, Couples, Children

Ohana Wellness

We, at Walles Wellness, are partnered with Ahupua'a Counseling Services, who provides supportive services as a Licensed and Marriage Family Therapist. Meghan Walles, LCSW and Tina Boteilho, LMFT partner assuring all the needs of your family and individual self from childhood to end of life and all that is in between. Tina has over 16 years of clinical experience and was born and raised here on Maui. Tina brings a unique presence to families, couples, and children as her presence is calming and safe.

"...a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
- The World Health Organization


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1847 S. Kihei Rd., Suite 205 
Kihei, HI 96753
Across from Kalama Park next to Foodland